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I never liked English for English's sake alone. My mother & father did, although again, it was not the most significant driving force in any of our lives, as for my sister - who knows. Now as for chemistry, its nomenclature, as in "potassium di-chloro isocyanurate" was specific! In architecture, the term 'two by four', meant at least 2 different things! It was 2x4 lumber & a 2x4 ceiling panel. (Many a couple of other things, too). Communications amongst between others was key & critical. Putting the human elements of tone, speed & volume put again another elements of communication into play. When one studies French, Turkish, German, Chinese and Vietnamese, and will at some level. They all are comminicating the same thing in terms of the same meaning of "I am hungry". I want to eat. I have to eat. I could eat an ox. I am going to faint, if I do not get someething to fill my belly. Each lanaguage my not have exactly same way to say something within its own culture or specific region or social aspect. "We must do lunch, sometime!" Well now my interest is why the preposition and prositional phrase is beyond some Asian cultures . . . I have to learn more Chinese, I guess. and the issues of slang and idioisms and well now the issue of who is your audiance and to whom are you writing (for). The simple sentence and future tense and plurality and linking of clauses, is difficult for many, many Americans. How can Chiene students be taught when Amnericans seem to by enlarge not have it mastered? This is all about me communication to the millions of people who want to learn my language English which comprised many of the Endo-european languages that have existed, both spoken and non-spoken. I have learned English fairly well but am indeed learning more amd more as I learn Chinese. The Chinese script for the number 1 is also one stroke, but in the horizontal direction. Ma said in four different tonal ways does mean four total different things. It is an exclamatory swear, a horse and hemp and well it does even mean mother as a slang of endearment. I did not know Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith's diction and grammar were going to be the focus of my life, and everything subservant to it. I did not know that memorizing the lines of a theatrical performance were goint to be key to learning a languages with its nuances of emotional qualities was going to lead to my creating the Banana Mountain Theater. And teaching elelctronics and coding in basic and pascal were not suppose to lead to my inventing a language machine for the cell phone and tablet that everyone in the entire world was going to tote around like bottled water. The things that go into each of our psyche and geophysical existance is not to any of our understanding . . . unless you are a sci-phy writer. From Earth to Moon, who would have thought that the length of the wing span of on of Boing's largest jets planes has a greater length than the bicyclists from Ohio for threir first flight in Kitty Hawk, NC.

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