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A very strange Brazilian guy that really likes to code and create fascinating projects. Physicist and astronomer, I've entered the programming world a little late if compared to many other people, but, since so I've never stopped anymore.

Physics & Astronomy I've been studying astronomy and developing quantum and relativistic physics theories since I was 6. Although I haven't published any yet, I'm sure I'll do it in the future. I'm just finishing my simulation proving that it's right.

"Some call me crazy, some don't. What matters is that it doesn't matter".

Music I wish I could play to something, unhappily I've never tried so I can't, I just appreciate it. I really like songs that what matters is the harmony of the instruments, the composition and not only the lyrics. I think that this way it's really possible to put a feeling in a song.

"En það besta sem Guð hefur skapað er nýr dagur." - Sigur Rós

Native Portuguese, Fluent English and Icelandic speaker.

Yeah, I'm a very boring guy.

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