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reviewed Looks OK Common phrase for something that changes while you are working on it
comment Grammatically correct or not?
Hello, Rohan Charles, snd thanks for your interest in English Language & Usage. At this site we try to answer questions about specific (and sometimes quite complicated or nuanced) issues related to the English language. Unfortunately, your question is less a request for a precise explanation than a yes/no question that amounts to "Is this sentence okay?" If you find a particular aspect of the sentence confusing or dubious, please focus on that. If you're just looking for yes/no confirmation, our sister site ELL may be a more suitable forum.
comment Is there an antonym of “ruthless”?
...but only in South Dakota.
comment Grammatically correct or not?
As Hot Licks suggests, the problem with this answer isn't that it's wrong (it's not). The problem is that it answers the OP's question as if that question were seeking confirmation of a scientific fact, rather than asking about grammatical correctness. A useful answer (as opposed to a by-the-bye comment) here would explain why the OP's sentence is grammatically correct—or at least indicate how the parts of that sentence work together harmoniously.
reviewed No Action Needed About TSC acronym pronunciation
reviewed No Action Needed In Gary Bernhardt's talk about Ruby and JavaScript surprises, what does “wat” mean?
reviewed Reviewed Term for referring to someone with mediocre words to describe their greatness
comment Term for referring to someone with mediocre words to describe their greatness
Closely related question: Literary term for an obvious understatement to emphasize excess.
reviewed No Action Needed Identifying the sentence structure. Is this sentence a compound sentence?
reviewed No Action Needed “They know not of what they speak.”
reviewed Reviewed What does 'a box-like plan' mean? I met this in '' This Side of Paradise''
reviewed Reviewed what is the difference in usage of 'pertain' and 'appertain'?
reviewed Reject Is “submittable” a valid word?
reviewed Approve Do “carat” and “karat” have the same origin?
revised Word for a particular “weird-looking” pose in a photograph?
Added an origin date for "sparrow face" and the Japanese original wording.
reviewed Looks OK Is there an antonym of “ruthless”?
comment Is there an antonym of “ruthless”?
Depending on the particular kind of ruthlessness you are seeking the reverse of, you might wind up with anything from fair-minded to considerate to scrupulous to sporting as an antonym of ruthless.
reviewed Reviewed What does “pass it” mean?
comment What does “pass it” mean?
The phrase "pass it" means "defecate it"—that is, pass it out of our bodies.
comment What's the meaning of “out of being an ass”?
The point, I think, is that, whereas some difficult social situations can safely be navigated by using a combination of caution and humility and (in the worst case) profuse apologies, the underlying condition of assness is nonnegotiable.