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Freelance multi-platform software developer currently focused on iOS inhouse apps using LevelDB.

Author of "Getting Started with LevelDB" from Packt.

  • non-computing interests:
    • Chow Gar kung fu and Tai Chi,
    • reading and (pretending to) writing SF
    • scuba diving,
    • occasional ice skating (dance and figure),
    • solar housing,
    • carpentry
  • computing interests:
    • OOD, OO languages and frameworks
    • Usability,
    • cross-platform development,
    • code generation

comment “occur” vs “occurs” with a singular collective noun
glad you're all having such fun with this ;-) Now imagine I'm saying "batch of writes" sounding like Crocodile Dundee mocking Monty Python.
comment “occur” vs “occurs” with a singular collective noun
This is a case of a technical vocabulary where a common shorthand is being used. In this case you could say "writes" stands for "write function calls" or "write requests".
comment What's a word for an instance in which one has an opinion about something without having tried it?
confabulator = born advertising copywriter