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Rudra Kapalin

One human among seven billion others.

Quest to understand one's real self has been a never ending quest for Human Species.

When you ask, "Who am I?", the answer is "Who am I".

Just the question mark is the difference between the question and the answer. That is the only difference between asking and knowing.

The answer is, "WHO AM I".

Being an Author, I am inspired to write as a medium to express myself in a concrete form. I like working with fiction based on Folklores, Myths, Superstitions etc all have a background that effect many things even in today's age as they are full of Wisdom and knowledge.

There are many different beliefs we formed when mankind developed culture. I work to look more deeper into them and work on the real reason of their existence that can bring harmony between the living and mother nature.

Keeping a low profile.

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