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comment Noun for “act of striving”
@JohnLawler I don't see how I confused action with event. I didn't say a fall is an action I said it's an act, the act of falling, being a fall the act and falling the action. I understand though what you mean about punctual and non-volitional vs. durative and volitional. So this noun forms only come with punctual verbs and not with durative ones? What about one of the examples given in an answer (to endeavour, an endeavour)? Should we consider it a punctual verb (i.e. making a punctual effort)? Disclaimer: I really don't mean to create discord, I just want to understand it well.
comment “publish in” vs. “publish on”
You're certainly right about metaphors... I truly believe that's the origin of the problem when trying to place the right preposition
comment “publish in” vs. “publish on”
That's what I got from the 2 first links I gave in the question. However, Google itself uses on to talk about to publish on Google Play. Being Google Play a service, not only a virtual market as it was Android Market in the past. Therefore, I'm starting to believe the virtual/physical dichotomoy applies better.
comment Linguistic name for “general action verbs” and “specific action verbs”
Well, I listed a group of verbs which, to me, seemed to exemplify what I meant in the question. I never meant them to be the most important part of my question. I was just wondering if there are names for these verbs better than general action verbs and specifical action verbs, which are the names I gave in the title of the question. I suppose I could use these names, then.