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I am not an admin. If you have any questions, please contact me, as I am a reliable source. I was not born in 1900.

comment Use of apostrophe in the word “Technologies”
Ok, thanks a lot. I couldn't find any other plural possessives with the word ending in the letter S, but I guess that's just how you do it.
comment What is the correct format for using commas after periods?
@Stan In all honesty, I was just choosing a random name that has an abbreviation in it. I guess it could really be any other abbreviation, but there are plenty of situations where (especially in dialogue), people would use abbreviations in lists.
comment The use of “Que” in pronunciation
Just to clarify, are the borrowings from French what "queue" probably was, or just an example of an exception?
comment Is “habitated” a word?
@Kris What exactly is the ODAUS? Also, the word I'm looking for isn't really cohabitate, because I was looking for a word to describe one particular noun, not coexisting with another.
comment Is “habitated” a word?
Thanks for the answer. Would the OED be the Oxford English Dictionary?
comment Is “habitated” a word?
I'm pretty new to this SE, so I guess I mean a "real word" is one that people actually use (as in other people have heard of it, maybe used it, and it's not just some random coincidence that I've heard many people use it). I guess another definition would be that if I wrote it on an examination, such as the SAT essay or something similar, it would not be counted as a non-existent word or incorrect if used correctly.