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comment What's the meaning of boilerplate in programming?
Thank you, I said it is a part because some definitions say the boilerplate is the whole included stuff (and the function might not be the whole included stuff on this specific project).
comment Can a gunfight happen when only one person has a gun?
"Words mean what PEOPLE want them to mean". While using PEOPLE (instead of A PERSON), this gets full sense!. This is just the way our language envolves: an easier way of saying a word or an expression comes out, and people (some of them, not the whole world and not only one or two) start using it, till it becomes part of language (See this: dailywritingtips.com/bored-with-or-bored-of). The same happens with words which change their meaning while time passes, or while it arrives to other countries. As I said, words are magic, so all what all of you said is completly true.