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comment Is it okay to say “easier” after a verb?
To quote a linguist, "This is a good example of why you should turn off the so-called 'grammar checker' on MSWord". There is absolutely no reason or excuse for anyone to use it. It does not know the first thing about English grammar. This tool should be your slave, not the other way round. It just wasted some of your precious lifetime with this question alone. It eats your life away.
comment Is Extrapolability an existing english word?
It is clearly a word. What else do you think it is? It most clearly is an existing word. And you've even supplied proof yourself.
comment What is the abode of gods?
To look up the meaning of a word, use a dictionary of your liking. Dictionaries have been specifically created and optimized for looking up the meanings of words. This site is not a dictionary, and has not been created or optimized for looking up word meanings. For starters, typing a word in a dictionary search box is much faster than typing up a question here.
comment What's the meaning of “For far too many”?
We have a sister site for learners. Please take such questions there.
comment Is “Deals you'll want to tell everyone” correct?
I actually think that this is one of those cases when someone perfectly fluent in English wrote up a perfectly grammatical sentence, and then some idiot came along and removed the last word to make it ungrammatical, and when asked why, replied "because it's a preposition" rather than "because I'm an idiot", because he's an idiot. I am 100% sure it went down exactly like that.
comment Hypernym for “business” and “private individual”
What is with, the punctuation of, the example sen,tence? The, comma makes, no sense!
revised Hypernym for “business” and “private individual”
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comment Compound Adjective
The only way to make "gut-shaking sound" mean "the sound of the guts shaking" is by replacing "gut-shaking sound" with "the sound of the guts shaking". In all other circumstances, "gut-shaking sound" will mean "gut-shaking sound", the sound that is so strong as to shake the guts.
comment Can I say “read how”?
It's grammatical but it's hideous. Why not make it a "how to" or even a simple "How?". Saves even more space.
comment Word that means implement (verb), but in an ongoing sense
Lastly, why do you have to replace these exact words but no others? Why are you looking for a one-word substitute for "continue to implement", but not for a one-word substitute for "program that addresses"? That is very random. Please explain your reasoning in detail.
comment Word that means implement (verb), but in an ongoing sense
Also, what is wrong with using more than one word? That is just how language works. You have the verbs start, end, interrupt, continue etc. and then you can combine them with any other verb precisely so you don't have to invent a dedicated verb for "to start cooking", "to end cooking", "to interrupt cooking", "to resume cooking", "to resume cooking kosher fish while wearing a red bandana inside out and jumping on one leg"...
comment Word that means implement (verb), but in an ongoing sense
Why does it have to mean "implement"? Why not just continue? Or any of the many synonyms a thesaurus will spit out, like "we will carry on with the program", or what have you?
comment would you ask someone to drive safe or to drive safely?
Please search the site before asking.
revised “Bid” is to “counterbid” as “quote” is to what?
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comment Polite reminder for some (pending) favour
Thank you. Too bad I cannot return the favor by saying you do a pretty good job asking on-topic questions, and editing off-topic questions that have been put on hold into shape. You expect people to invest effort, but are not willing to invest any effort whatsoever yourself. That's very sad. We have a sister site for writers and a sister site for learners, but this right here is a site for linguists and etymologists. It is not for ghostwriters working for free, and certainly not for help vampires who can't string two words together.
comment What are words called that are often used together in speech but may be redundant?
Wait, long is vertical? I didn't know that! The long and winding road leads to the moon? Apparently I lack common sense.
comment Question about “the” article
These are two entirely unrelated questions in one. Both of them duplicates of earlier questions. Please search the site before asking, and limit your questions to one question per question. Also, please see our guidelines for asking homework questions. Specifically, "make a good-faith attempt to solve the problem yourself first" and "ask about specific problems with your existing approach to answering the question".
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comment Distance Between Modifiers
A word or term for this is "greatly improved clarity". Some advice I have is "greatly improved clarity is good". A simple rule to follow is "clarity good; unclarity not so much". I am not quite sure what else I am missing beyond that.
comment If I was or If I were
Use the site search. It is much faster than typing up an entire question.