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From the beginning of personal computing Matthew Frederick has been focused on how people experience its empowering integration of art and engineering. On the right-brain he’s been successful in print, web, and interactive media graphic design, and from the left-brain, both low- and high-level programming and database design and development. Where those come together with human users, Matthew has worked at the forefront of user experience and interactivity design, beginning with early CD-ROM "multimedia" through the lifetime of the web, the heyday of PDAs and pre-iPhone smartphones, to today's cutting-edge phones and tablets.

After working with hundreds of clients, from small startups to Fortune 100 companies, he has also become proficient at transforming a project’s requirements into efficiently buildable technical specifications while translating its implementation challenges and options into a easily-understood concepts for those less technically-minded. His experience includes working solo and in small teams, as well as leading a hundred consultants, designers, developers, and managers in building multi-phase, multi-million dollar projects.