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comment Achilles' heel or achilles heel? - Is it proper to lowercase the usage
While Jon Purdy's answer is sound and absolutely valid, I chose this as the correct answer simply because I've never seen Google Ngram Viewer. Thanks all! Now... about that darn apostrophe... :P
comment What are the possible meanings of 'hub' when it is included in the name of a website?
From my understanding of the word, the whole site could be considered a 'hub' to do all those things as well. That doesn't disqualify the meaning I gave though I don't believe. I see a 'hub' as simply a 'place' of gathering for a central purpose. Example: In networking, a 'hub' is basically a connection point between other hubs or computers, but sometimes people refer to the computer a 'hub'. I don't know, maybe I'm looking too deep into this.