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I'm an Australian software developer working in the Oil & Gas industry. Programming in C#, WPF and Go. Big Raspberry Pi fan. I'm on twitter @dodgy_coder and write a blog at dodgycoder.net

comment Word that means “plagiarism” but only in relation to plagiarized ideas
@user88201 thanks - never heard that before, here is its urban dictionary entry - biter. So I suppose an equivalent expression would be "to bite" someone's idea.
comment Is there an American English equivalent of the British idiom “carrying coals to Newcastle”?
Just wanted to chime in here and mention that the term is used here in Australia and has exactly the same meaning as it does in England. The city of Newcastle, located on the north east coast of New South Wales, Australia is the main port for exporting coal from coal mines located in the region.
comment Is there a word like “ambidextrous” to describe mixed hemisphere brain dominance?
I haven't heard any, but musicians are apparently good at this ... news.vanderbilt.edu/2008/10/…
comment What's the word for someone who pretends to buy something from a street-seller, in order to draw other people?
I don't know the word for it but a related technique I've seen involves a jewellery store temporarily closing their shop doors, installing a queue line, and a product spruiker. When people think there is only a limited number of items available, and others start queuing up, they naturally get interested in what's on offer.
comment What would you call someone who imposes on other people's generosity?
I've heard it used in a positive way to describing a child's impressive learning abilities.