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I have been at Webtrends for over a year where I am overseeing the automation efforts. Prior to Webtrends I was at Microsoft for 13 years. Early challenges have included updating a full-featured, yet complex and poorly maintained in-house automation framework, building a common automation logging and reporting platform, creating a tool for simple Deployment Validations, creating automated Performance tests for multiple products, building an object oriented wrapper/abstraction layer for web UI automation on top of selenium and a couple of minor quick-fix tools to increase the speed of manual testing. I have also been involved in a hiring effort to bring our team of one (me) up to a team of 5.

During my time at Microsoft my responsibilities evolved from test planning and manual testing on various projects to --> writing automation and overseeing manual testing efforts from vendors to --> Developing automation tools and processes for the Windows Live organization including a web UI automation framework and a test result reporting platform as well as other smaller tools.