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comment Should we always capitalize Christians, Muslims, etc.?
possible duplicate of Should words be capitalized for being religious terms?
revised Should we always capitalize Christians, Muslims, etc.?
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comment native-speaker's errors?
Not all native speakers speak or write well.
comment Is it common to refer to the person steering a ship as 'pilot'?
You can't recall encountering the definition meaning ship's pilot probably because you don't have much to do with ships. The reason that listing is first is because it's the original (ships were around before airplanes were) and it's still current.
comment Word for dismissing someone's opinions as racist, sexist, etc, instead of debating back
It might as easily be argumentum ad lapidem.
comment Who is the originator of the proverb, “be (not) worth the candle?
comment Deference vs Respect: What's the difference?
But you can show someone respect without showing them deference. The words differ by more than degree.
comment Can this sentence be correct grammatically?
@DRF: Grammaticality is no assurance that something makes sense: "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously" . . .
comment Can this sentence be correct grammatically?
What kind of editor would not see the mistake in that question? And would actually bet money that there wasn't one?
comment On tense: 'realized that the number of something had been increasing'
Who says it sounds strange?
comment Using 'tedious' to mean 'annoying'
Tedious has been used in BrE and AmE to mean annoying or tiresome for quite some time. This is nothing new, and I'm surprised so many people seem to marvel at such a mundane usage.
comment Conditional sentences. Punctuation in the main clause which is a compound sentence
No. Like most comma placements, that is a matter of style alone.
comment How to complete the Following statement?
Do you mean "countryside" instead of "country side"? Those are two different things.
comment How to improve grammar ?
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is a request for resources, and those are specifically discouraged on this exchange.
comment Word for the action of talking loudly with the people from your past in your imagination
Or schizophrenia.
comment Noun & verb agreement
It's plural, and requires a plural verb agreement.
comment Is it still a metaphor if you say “if X was Y” first?
Don't you mean metaphor? A simile is a comparison featuring like or as.
comment Is there an expression or idiom for something convenient that happens right when you need it to?
In AmE we usually describe such a happening as blind luck.
comment Is there an idiom suggesting the following fact: The name of the book belies the theme in it.
The usual idiom used in American English when you want to speak about a deliberate deception of that sort is bait and switch.
comment “when it's snowing and when it isn't” vs “when it's snowing and when it isn't snowing”
Fine either way. First way is most common, second is wordy but could be used for emphasis.