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Things I don't do anymore on Stack Overflow anymore:

  • Flag link only answers - despite repeated claims that we should flag link-only answers, moderators still reject them. Why bother?
  • Go into the Suggested Edit review queue; you people approve anything; plagiarized text, spam, gibberish. There's no critical thinking involved, just mashing of the "Approve" button. I'm tired of being the sole "Reject" vote.
  • Go into the Triage/Help & Improvement queue; no one has any idea how to review these.

Hooray for badge hunters!

Answering low-quality, off-topic questions gives the impression that it's okay to ask these types of questions.

If you answer low-quality and off-topic questions, you're ruining Stack Overflow.

Stop ruining Stack Overflow! Flag or vote to close!

The robo-approvers are killing my will to review edits

Can we add “recommendations” to the list of “What kinds of questions should I not ask here” in the FAQ?