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I'm a musician, photographer and web/IT specialist based in Bristol in the UK.

comment Is Capitalising Every Word more common in music titles?
I'm aware that there are lots of different styles, and recommendations about Title Case, but I'm asking why I seem to see more Capitalisation On Every Word in music as opposed to other areas. A detailed answer for others who need to reference this, though; thanks.
comment In the context of family, what is the opposite of “immediate”?
Extended can carry the connotation of including both immediate and distant family, so for a true opposite, Brian Hooper's answer is actually better.
comment “[Noun] upon [noun]” — singular or plural?
It's a compound construction - the sentence is only considering a single rank, strictly, but the structure is a rank of theologians. That is certainly not plural.
comment Is “you've coming from” a colloquialism?
I'd go with that interpretation.
comment Is “you've coming from” a colloquialism?
I agree; the lyrics sites are hazy on which is actually sung. The original album sounds very much like "you've", while Eoghan Quigg sang "you're" on X Factor. I would therefore happily dismiss this as a quirk of the recording, but for the number of covers and other versions performed where "you've" is clearly sung.