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comment More emphatic term for “Expert”?
A lot of negative connotation around the word guru in my experience. I've only heard it used sarcastically to describe someone who is wiggling their way into a position they do not have the expertise to fill.
comment “Starting with” vs. “starting from”
I agree and personally thing it should always be starting with unless there is order such as in the name examples. I was unable to find anything to back that up though other than what felt right when I said it aloud.
comment Literary term for an obvious understatement to emphasize excess
@FumbleFingers My example was poor and yours actually represents what I was thinking much more accurately. Thank you for the answer.
comment How to handle the possessive case of the name Franks
@Peter Shor I agree and thank you I didn't come across that question in my searching. I don't suppose I can close the question myself can I?