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comment Is there a simple word -> noun/verb/pronoun table?
that's a very good point, kind of makes me rethink the plan. Now I'm in a quandary - your answer was very good and helpful, but it wasn't technically an answer to the question. Community: What should I do here? Mark as answer, or go away and earn some rep so I can rate it up?
comment Is there a simple word -> noun/verb/pronoun table?
Thanks all: @Hellion: Thanks for that - Moby's actual download file isn't available from that server, though I'm sure I can find it somewhere with a bit of digging tomorrow. Will reply if I find. If not, 1000words could work with a bit of copy and paste. john-lawler: Interesting link, will be useful. Nohat: No, I wasn't, but some of the data files the program install look very hopeful. FumbleFingers - fair enough, but as you note, the pointers have been good, and I only wish I could "rate up" some of the answers.