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I'm in the United Kingdom, and I'm interested in (or amazed at) the differences between "British" English and American English.

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comment Is “volumn” a correct word?
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comment gerund versus noun
Proof-reading is off-topic. However, note that without normally means "not having"; it's not normally the opposite of within and doesn't usually mean "outside" or "beyond".
answered “From a fourth-pair window”: what is fourth-pair?
comment How do I use, “Be it” in a question, or can I?
It would probably be useful to explain what you want those words to mean (if you were expressing the sentiment outside of the poem and weren't constrained by metre or rhyme).
comment “From a fourth-pair window”: what is fourth-pair?
There are three instances of the poem in Google Books, but (in the UK) I can't get enough of the image snippet of the original publication to show the title of the poem.
revised “From a fourth-pair window”: what is fourth-pair?
Two spaces at the end of a line forces a line-break. Indents need to be explicit though.
revised Is there a word to describe someone who apologizes for or feels bad about success or good fortune?
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revised How does 'to obtain' develop to mean 'to prevail'?
Souce of quotes MUST be cited in plain text. A link is good but optional.
comment What is the Grammatical mistakes in “The pity is that no sooner he had left the place than the fire broke out”?
Welcome to ELU.SE! Unfortunately proof-reading is explicitly off-topic. Proofreading questions can come in many forms: "Help me fix this", "What's wrong with this", "Are there any mistakes", Which is correct", but they all involve reading a specific text and won't really help anyone else. Please identify what you're particularly concerned about, and edit the question to indicate that. It's possible, of course, that there's already a question for it, which searching the site may well find.
reviewed Leave Closed What is wrong with “ He participated in two-miles race ”?
comment Word meaning “likely to cause controversy?”
Using controversial for the blank in the sentence might be stylistically interesting, though, because it appears again a few words later.
revised What does “bupke” mean?
Formatted quotes
comment Meaning of “niche” in “he knows the niches of this or that genre”
That seems likely to be (1), but questions involving ambiguities can only be answered with all the context.
comment Do “asymmetric” and “dissymmetric” have different meaning?
I think this is the same as an existing answer here.
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comment What's a “political landscape”?
I've improved the question, but does the Oxford Dictionaries definition help here? If not, please edit the question to make it clear what you're asking. Because there is a General Reference, the question will probably end up being closed.
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