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Welcome to EL&U. One of the expectations of StackExchange questions is that you have attempted some research on your own; at least, please edit your post to indicate why you believe one or the other may be incorrect, and what a web search on the phrases turns up. I encourage you to take the site tour for a good introduction to our standards and policies.
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comment Is there an adjective to describe someone who feels the desire to run away from situations?
Welcome to StackExchange. Answers on this network sites are expected to be definitive, rather than based on opinion or conjecture; your answer would be improved by explaining why you believe fugitive would be suitable, along with appropriate examples and references. I encourage you to take the site tour for a good introduction to our standards and policies.
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comment Which was the first doctor, M.D. or Ph.D.?
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comment Annual school events
I'm not sure that there is a cultural equivalent for the end of the academic year in the US, but the "Christmas pageant" used to be a staple of elementary schools.
comment “Now it only requests once” vs. “Now it only request once”
Neither would be natural, and people are not usually referred to as it, and there is some ambiguity as to whether by once you mean the asking only occurs once or only one of the requested thing is requested. Could you edit your post to clarify?
comment How can we define Political Culture?
Welcome to EL&U. We need a great deal more context before we can even begin to answer, but this does not sound like a question about the English language per se, but about an anthropological concept.
comment passive voice to active (and keeping goodwill)
I do not perceive either A payment of this amount is expected by the Bank of Montreal by December 20 or The Bank of Montreal expects a payment of this amount by December 20 as having more or less "goodwill" than the other. No matter how friendly or polite you're trying to be, you're still asking for money.
comment Use of collective nouns and verbs
Welcome to EL&U. It is hardly slang; it simply reflects the perception of a team as multiple people rather than as a unit, and you'll find it in academic journals and broadsheet newspapers, not just SMS messages. It can be found in American English as well, though more restrictively, e.g. The couple are. And some nouns always take a plural verb: The NYPD is investigating contra The police are investigating.
comment passive voice to active (and keeping goodwill)
Welcome to EL&U. Can you explain what you mean by goodwill?
comment Alphabetizing an index
Related: Alphabetizing List of Mixed Words and Acronyms. Pedants will also note that U.S. is not an acronym but an initialism, a different kind of abbreviation.
comment Introducing an alias in technical literature
Henceforth, like hereafter, is formal, and hereinafter especially legalistic-sounding, but I wouldn't call them archaic.
revised Is “education” a count noun?
standardize formatting
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