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comment Editors - Sting lyrics meaning question
Song lyrics need not mean anything. As with poetry, it's up to the listener how to interpret the words. I suggest you try a Sting-related discussion forum or lyrics-centered site like,, or .
comment A phrase that describes someone that doesn't pay their debt
Default refers to a financial status, not an emotional one.
reviewed Close what is the production process of recycled paper?
reviewed Delete Meaning of various valedictions or closing expressions
comment Meaning of various valedictions or closing expressions
If you have a new question, please ask it by clicking the Ask Question button. Include a link to this question if it helps provide context.
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reviewed Approve Why doesn't it go like “him and his wife”?
comment List of names which includes titles
There's no grammar or usage here; it's a matter of style and preference. Adhere to the guidance provided by your editor, using whichever format is best-suited for the purpose of the list.
comment Idiom for someone who buys all the best gear to do something before they even have a basic proficiency?
Drinking the Kool-Aid is blindly accepting a belief or system of beliefs, something orthagonal to the concept requested. Someone who is going skiing for the first time and orders all the most advanced, most sophisticated equipment isn't necessarily making a statement that skiing is greatest sport and the best form of recreation. She has not drunk the Kool-Aid. Someone else may constantly be singing the praises of Apple products, and will refuse to even have a conversation about alternatives. Even if he does not own a single item from Apple, he's drunk of, and is drunk on, some mean malic.
comment A and an usage and difference
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is based on a typographical error.
comment English idiom equivalent “discover America/Mediterranean”
Based on the description in the OP, I would think the direct equivalent would be more like he thinks he invented the wheel than he thinks he reinvented the wheel. To me, reinvent the wheel strongly connotes wasted effort, finding an answer to a question no one has asked, rather than the conceit of someone who thinks he is the first to think of something obvious.
reviewed Close Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth
reviewed Close Which is correct? ( duplicate)
reviewed Reviewed Meaning of up front
comment Being Madrid my hometown / Being my hometown Madrid
Being that Madrid is my hometown is frowned upon in writing, but something I hear from even educated people, being as how Washington is full of people who want to sound smarter than they are.
comment Does “Concentrations” make any sense in this context?
I'm surprised you're surprised, as in American English concentration in this context is generally understood as your area of study, although a far less common term than major, and usually indicating a specialization within the discipline. I was a history major with a concentration in classical civilization. And some institutions do not use the term major and minor; Harvard uses concentration and secondary for example.
reviewed Leave Open is it gerund or participle?
reviewed Close “Name1 Name2 are also want to join?”
reviewed Close Can you give me other one-word time terminologies aside from fortnight and yestreen?
comment mom-husband-wife thing
The friend is referring to some archetypical lifestyle involving a mom, a husband, and a wife (it is not clear whether the mom and the wife are the same person), in which the friend was involved for five years with Sara. It is not clear what exactly that entails, especially without additional context.