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comment Clear way of saying that one set of rules overrides another, if contradicts
How about just reversing the order, then? I edited the answer to reflect what I think you are saying.
comment Copy on vs. copy in
I think of the "on" as not referring to the email contents, but to the distribution list for the email - one is "on" the list of recipients. Related may be the older phrase used with discussion of hard copies of documents distributed: "I cc'd him on this memo" rather than "I cc'd him in this memo".
comment What tests are used in order to determine the number of syllables in a word?
If you are pronouncing "sic" and "ber" without somehow opening your mouth (and thus producing one syllable utterances that sound more like "basc" and "numbr") you will certainly obtain a different count in the same way (as noted above) that different pronunciations of "military" ("militry") yields counts of four or three syllables. Use Google terms 'syllable chin count pathology' for the "method" - it is widely used in education and speech and language pathology.
comment The rise of “all of the”
In the graph, I'm (non-rigorously!) pointing at that brief rise in use of the term "nation" in the early 1900s, and contrasting that with the steadily declining use of what I think of as "local" words like "province" and "town". Whether "nation" usage reflects a rise in the popularity of a concept of nationalism or not I don't know, but I think the rebirth and reformulation of the concept at that time (early 1900s) is pretty well established historically. But maybe other better words could be found to reflect that more, as you say!
comment What tests are used in order to determine the number of syllables in a word?
Works for me for both 'basic' and 'number'. Are you saying your chin somehow doesn't descend once when you say "bay" and once for "sic", and likewise "num" and "ber"? As the answer notes, this count is based on pronunciation.