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comment Alternative to “minuend” and “subtrahend”
I'm all for helping the people around me to learn new things. While I would normally agree, I must say that when I develop software, I tend to try to make things as simple to comprehend as possible for maintainability reasons. 6 months from now, whoever is looking at the code is probably confused enough as is. If I can avoid putting the extra strain on his/her brain, I will. The same goes for when you're in "get things done" mode and don't have time to teach someone a new word.
comment Alternative to “minuend” and “subtrahend”
@Robusto Naming is definitely the context here, but the actual question is about using a word that more people would understand, regardless of context. If you'd like, I can delete the parts that mention naming.
comment Is there a word for a non-geek?
How about "Absolute complement of the geek set?" It'll help boost your geek cred at the same time.
comment Word for application that is both sender and receiver
@Lunivore I disagree. As a software developer, if I heard another developer talk about a "transceiver," it would give me pause and make me think a radio handset was somehow involved. "What does a radio have to do with your peer-to-peer application?" The word is just never used in developer speak.