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I'm an Android developer. I've also worked on:

  • Large-scale consumer facing web sites
  • GWT applications
  • iPhone apps
  • Embedded systems (VxWorks)

I just launched my Android app to help people understand spoken English! Check it out at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.realpeopletalk

comment How should you read proper nouns aloud in English?
It's also used as a way to tell where people are from sometimes, when you're talking about placenames. Anyone from around here (Seattle) is going to pronounce places like Sequim, Puyallup and Des Moines differently than someone who's not a local. Basically, no one thinks that you're making a mistake when you pronounce a proper name differently; there are just too many variations, and English spelling/pronunciation guidelines just aren't helpful for non-English names.
comment How do I ask the question “Where is it made?” or “Where is it made in”?
You don't necessarily need it, but something like "where did you go to?" is common colloquial English.
comment Can you chain / combine contractions in correct English?
No, that's never possible.
comment What is the meaning of the phrase ‘in timely fashion’?
According to Google, "in a timely fashion" is 8x more common than "in timely fashion" - and to me it sounds strange without the article.
comment Does “nineteen-hundreds” refer to 1900–1909 or 1900–1999?
My answer would have been that "in the nineteen hundreds" isn't really a set phrase yet, in American English. It sounds really strange to me. "In the eighteen/seventeen/... hundreds" - yes. But not yet the nineteen hundreds. I think it's just ambiguous.