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Designing cradle-to-grave software solutions for over 20 years. Now specializing in embedded software solutions. Building best of breed laboratory instrumentation for labs and universities world wide. Also having more and more fun with the Qt C++ framework.

My latest Pluralsight course - Introduction to Qt: A C++ Cross Platform Application Framework went live on Pluralsight at the end of May 2014.

I also have two earlier courses from 2013 The Eclipse Guided Tour - Part 1 and Part 2



comment Vehicles stop and people peek out of the window
Bill didn't write it I did, Bill did correct my "English" though, with just the right amount of irony.
comment Is “close proximity” a tautology?
@callum my question was couched in terms of the OED definition which I quoted which says in part "position of being near or close by in space; nearness"
comment Is “close proximity” a tautology?
I liked the comment that you can't reject and idiom based solely on it being tautological. Can you reject the ungrammatical ones like the ubiquitous "exact same"?
comment Is “close proximity” a tautology?
The "distance" analogy strikes me as flawed. Given the OED definition of: "The extent of space lying between any two objects; the space to be passed over before reaching an object." There is no qualifier implied for nearness. A distance can be far, near, long or short. Since the definition of proximity has "close by in space" I don't see how you can have a long proximity.
comment Is the phrase “for free” correct?
Your friend is a misguided pedant, or more in the vernacular "full of hooey."