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comment Is there a word for Words that describe themselves or a word for words that do the opposite
Thanks for the references to autological/homological/autonym and heterological. Sorry about the dupe. I actually couldn't see how to search the site (now I see the box up at the top). But I figured once I typed the question I would see if it was a dupe. I clicked on all the links but none of them led me to the already asked question so I posted. Should have know better. I also like that the referenced dupe was itself a dupe.
comment Is “close proximity” a tautology?
@callum my question was couched in terms of the OED definition which I quoted which says in part "position of being near or close by in space; nearness"
comment Is “close proximity” a tautology?
I liked the comment that you can't reject and idiom based solely on it being tautological. Can you reject the ungrammatical ones like the ubiquitous "exact same"?
comment Is “close proximity” a tautology?
The "distance" analogy strikes me as flawed. Given the OED definition of: "The extent of space lying between any two objects; the space to be passed over before reaching an object." There is no qualifier implied for nearness. A distance can be far, near, long or short. Since the definition of proximity has "close by in space" I don't see how you can have a long proximity.
comment Is the phrase “for free” correct?
Your friend is a misguided pedant, or more in the vernacular "full of hooey."