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I'm a second-language speaker of what I believe is a fairly "neutral" flavour of English (if such a thing exists), mainly influenced by British and American varieties. I tend to prefer British spellings but I'm afraid I sound more American when I talk. :-)

I take an interest in languages, their evolution and history, and all those subtle variations between different dialects and registers. After secondary school I was actually close to going to study English Philology at university, but ended up taking Computer Science instead. Now I am a software developer by profession, and languages remain mainly a hobby for me. (Not only a hobby, as I think good prose writing skills are important in my field. For the last 10 years or so English has been the main written language I've used at work.)

Besides English and my native Finnish, I'm nowadays quite adept at Spanish too (it's my favourite language in a way, especially if spoken with a Cuban accent and when drunk). My Swedish and German are rusty, but re-learnable if need arises.

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