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comment What does “Come-to Jesus (moment / stage / meeting)” mean? Is it a popular word?
I think the piece of historical context missing for most people might be the revival meetings during the second great awakening. I think That was the origin of the call to "Come to Jesus."
comment Definition of “scolt”
Even more interesting was that most of John Manning's children died at the age of three. My wife and I wondered if there wasn't a genetic disorder going on...you should visit Ashby if you get a chance, although there's really nothing to do there except enjoy the graveyards.
comment Definition of “scolt”
Ha ha! That's awesome...the Manning family gravestones are really bizzare...there was a Sally and Sarah Manning both married to "John Manning" and having children at all sorts of weird dates. The internet claims there was a John Jr., but we found only one John in the whole graveyard--and even so, he would have been having children with someone in her mid fifties...