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I make a webcomic. It's called Don Depresso.

comment What is the word for attending a party without being invited?
It doesn't necessarily have a negative connotation. When I've heard people use the expression, or when I've said it myself, it generally just means to show up spontaneously. Perhaps the connotation has changed over the past decade or so; I remember equating it with party-ruining some time long ago. Perhaps it still has the negative connotation, but now people are using it ironically to mean that they're showing up without invitation but that they aren't going to destroy the place in stereotypical teen movie fashion.
comment Which one is more British: “car hire” or “rent a car”?
Well, "rent a car" is definitely the more common phrase in the U.S., so if "car hire" is a popular phrase in any English-speaking country, it's somewhere other than the U.S.