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Here's a picture that might help you, taken from a guide for grade 3 teachers. It sounds like it's called Heel sitting. There's also Kneeling as noted by @Roddy of the frozen peas, but kneeling does not necessarily mean that your buttock is resting on your heel though. Google kneeling Mary for some examples. Kneeling just means being down on one's knee, ...


Bob is timid. Timid Pronunciation: /ˈtimid/ ADJECTIVE (timider, timidest) Showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily frightened: I was too timid to ask for what I wanted. (Source: Oxford Dictionaries)


skittish adjective 1. apt to start or shy: a skittish horse. 2. restlessly or excessively lively: a skittish mood. 3. fickle; uncertain. 4. shy; coy.


Bob is so jumpy. He gets scared so easily. jumpy: subject to sudden, involuntary starts, especially from nervousness, fear, excitement, etc.


Bob is a scaredy–cat. He gets scared so easily. scaredy–cat: an unduly fearful person. Credits: @bill


I think chicken-hearted is a better option than timid as timid can also mean shy or lacking confidence and jumpy is usually used in the context of being anxious or excitable: chicken-hearted Oxford dictionaries Easily frightened; cowardly. or yellow-bellied American Heritage dictionary Slang Cowardly. or lily-livered or white-livered ...


Sitting Kneeling ...where the thighs are near horizontal and the buttocks sit on the heels - for example as in Seiza and Vajrasana (yoga). Some health experts warn: While sitting on the ankles - puts pressure on the knee joints. This may be in the form of a kneeling to standing jump challenge. Students often sit in this position.


Headcount or head count: The act of counting people in a particular group. (AHD) Head count reveals prisoner's escape: Robert John Dwight, 33, was found to be missing during a head count by prison officers at Silverwater jail about 9.00pm AEST yesterday. (


Feet to fanny. Started early in the 20th Century in 1926, The Portland Children's Theatre (Portland, Maine USA) would perform children's stories live for the public in schools, auditoriums, and outdoor venues such as playgrounds and parks. Proper theatre etiquette was taught in an introduction to the event by "Koko, the clown" who would interact with the ...


As I just happened to stumble across a word for this in Dutch, Wikipedia helped me find the desire path or desire line: A desire path (also known as a game trail, desire line, social trail, herd path, cow path, goat track, pig trail or bootleg trail) can be a path created as a consequence of erosion caused by human or animal foot-fall or traffic. The ...


The term you are seeking is roll call, which applies to any process in which a list of names is checked against the people present.


Apprehensive uneasy or fearful about something that might happen: If Bob is always worrying about something that might happen, then he'd be scared easily. "Bob seems really apprehensive lately"


Cowardly Coward [kou-erd] noun 1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person. ... or, the definition I prefer, "one who is too easily cowed." Dictionary


You can always perform a Google search on the above mentioned words such as 'timid + synonyms and select the word you feel best suits the situation: adjective: timid; comparative adjective: timider; superlative adjective: timidest synonyms: easily frightened, lacking courage, fearful, apprehensive, afraid, frightened, scared, faint-hearted; ...


The Wikipedia article on teeth cleaning gives prophylaxis, odontexesis, and odontexis. However, this medical jargon seems more applicable to the professional cleaning done by a dental hygienist. I do not know of a one-word noun for "brushing of teeth", but "tooth brushing" might be more natural than "teeth brushing" because noun adjuncts are more often ...


opinionize Wiktionary (intransitive) To claim matters of fact as opinion. a more standardly-used word, but which doesn't quite mean the same thing is opine to hold or express an opinion. opinionate Oxford dictionaries 1 [WITH OBJECT] To hold as an opinion; = opine, opinion; to believe, suppose, think. 2 [NO OBJECT] ...

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