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People often express their pride and/or current frustration at having enjoyed something before it became popular by saying that they liked it before it was cool. There are many variations on this phrase. Here are some I pulled from a corpus: I supported Bernie Sanders before it was cool I used to eat Peruvian food before it was cool I was tea ...


You like things when they are still cool. Some more ideas in this Stanford article The Tipping Point of "Cool" Research shows that popular products can quickly lose their cache if they become favored by the masses. [...] other words, as soon as chic goes mainstream, [...]. Cool had suddenly become uncool, and when too many others liked an item it ...


"Most often, any given consequence would be the result of a combination of many factors"


The word 'hipster' comes to mind ;) While 'hipster' embodies richer character than just shirking away from mainstream stuff, that particular character seems to be the strongest evidence of being one. This article highlights that aspect:

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