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Coochie, coochie coo! The natural benefits of baby talk There are several names for this: ‘baby talk’, 'motherese’ or ‘infant directed speech’. And although you might feel funny and friends and family might laugh as you converse with an infant, we do this without thinking and without explicit intention of speaking like this. Men, women and ...


Baby Talk The speech patterns and sounds of young children learning to talk, characterized by mispronunciation, imperfect syntax, repetition, and phonetic modifications, such as lisping or stuttering. The intentionally oversimplified manner of speech, imitative of young children learning to talk, used by adults in addressing children or pets. ...


I would call it coochie-cooing, from the phrase often used when tickling a baby (you can see Fred Flintstone learn to do it here). This is a specific form of baby-talk or motherese: noun 1. the simplified and repetitive type of speech, with exaggerated intonation and rhythm, often used by adults when speaking to babies. — Be aware, ...


This is called do-support and is required when you have a negative such as never before the subject. Other examples from Wikipedia: Never did he run that fast again. (wrong: *Never he did run that fast again. *Never ran he that fast again.) Only here do I feel at home. (wrong: *Only here feel I at home.)

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