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You're reading too much into a violation of the standard convention in formal writing that a conjunction means two things and thus takes a plural verb. If we follow your line of reasoning that a semantic consideration -- the second subject specifies the first -- then the following would be correct: Language and the ways we use it has always fascinated ...


No, linking verbs are different from modals in English grammar, though there may very well be an historical connection. The modals in current English have very special grammatical properties, one of which is inversion in questions: "May/Should/Will/.. I show you my portrait?" But you can't invert linking verbs. Your example has been a puzzle for ...


Yes because after "and" your listener or reader could expect either a verb to agree with the subject or a past participle to agree with the auxiliary "have". Therefore, for clarity's sake, it would be better "I have completed my master degree and I am a doctoral student"

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