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Is nothing singular or plural? All by itself, nothing is clearer than the fact that nothing is singular. However, the original question did not use nothing “all by itself”, and that is where things get sticky. The question asks which of these two versions should be used: Nothing but birds and a few insects was to be seen. Nothing but birds ...


When using a singular phrase like 'one of the best films', 'each person in the group', 'every student in the class' the verb should be in the third person singular form. 'One of the best films that has ever been made'; 'Each person in the group is responsible for his work.'; 'Every student in the class is an adult.' I think modern writing would strike out ...


" she was one of the several children who were sold at the auction." Here , "Who" refers to the "children" (plural) . Because of that , the correct verb is "were" .


"This facility has a new administrator" is the correct one. Facility is an 'it', so it follows the verb form that is applied to he, she, and it. If it was a plural, I, you, or they, it would be "They/I/You have a new administrator".

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