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This sentence is not correct."The density of all the solutions is measured." "all solutions" is not correct usage. The sentence "The densities of all the solutions are measured."looks fine, but rather odd. I would go far this: "The density of each and every solution used is measured."


In your example sentence "Suspensions" is referred to as the system of springs that acts as shock absorbers in vehicles. The plural form is used because the author is talking about multiple suspensions. The rear suspension of this vehicle is faulty. Suspensions are needed in this prototype model.


The important part is "a thing". If you have more than one cloak, you can count up the number of them you have. Uncountable nouns are things like water, milk, sand...anything you can't quantify. I can say I bought three cloaks. But I can't say We have five milk in the fridge.


It seems to me that the phrase "types of thing" becomes a single unit, and as such only needs to be treated with the plural inflection at one point. If I say, "there are many things", of course it is plural as the noun "thing" is affected by the determiner (/adjective?) "many". If I say, "there are many types of thing", then many affects the word type, ...

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