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"Code" as usually used in the field of IT refers to source code of computer programs. My own intuition is that this is clearly uncountable, so you can speak of "some code" but not "a code". You can also speak of "the source code of a program", which means "the [representation of the program] as source code". However, "code" alone remains uncountable. You ...


The only phrasing that I've ever heard "is "data point" and it's my job to work with data. Even that phrase is extremely rate; the commonly used terms are "observation" and "record". Back to your question: "point of datum" is a redundancy, because a datum is a synonym for a data point, so "I am but a point of data" is the correct phrase.


In the phrase "I am but a piece of pie", pie is being treated as a mass noun, as if it is the name of an uncountable substance - in the same way as "...a pile of sand" or "...a bucket of water". If you were using a countable noun, however, the analogous phrase uses the plural form of the noun: "I am but a pile of peas" or "...a basketful of kittens". As ...


The area can be categorized as a "collective noun number agreement" problem. Even when we are not shifting our conceptualization of such a noun within a sentence, experts often describe the area as confusing, troublesome, murky, etc. Be careful with any advice or guideline on the topic that ignores British/US standard differences. I think, like many ...


Since, as you say, "work" refers to many publications, I suggest using "works", "their", and "their". And since "citations" is plural, "indicate" is correct.

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