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The sensation is said to cause the mouth to pucker. From Up North Again: More of Ontario's Wilderness, from Ladybugs to the Pleiades by D Bennet and T Tiner: Chokecherries are not as dangerous as their name suggests, though they can taste harsh and astringent, causing the mouth to pucker and dry.


A common expression is mark/marked 'The teacher put a mark on his permanent record'. 'He marked the register to show that the student had arrived late'.


'Soiree' sounds unnatural. Don't change your name. There are others with your last name, like a professor at Stanford University, and a politician in New Hampshire. Just be proud of your name. I'm proud of mine, and mine isn't so easy either.


Teacher's assistant in the US. Not sure what the equivalent would be in the UK.


Set one's teeth on edge – Literally, to cause an unpleasant tingling of the teeth. More generally, the expression is used to describe any feeling of unpleasant distaste. The earlier form of the phrase was 'to edge the teeth' and described the feeling of sensitivity caused by acidic tastes, like raw rhubarb. My teeth have never ...

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