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Yes, I can't see a problem with that. However, it is normally unnecessary - it makes no difference to the server if it is to go or you will drink it in the shop - it typically is "to go". If, however, it is a shop that offers ceramic cups for non-takeaway, you do need to specify. I never drink coffee in the shop unless I buy something else.


The only proposed question I see which is a problem is the next-to-last one, where "someone could" should probably be "could someone". Otherwise, I don't see any that are particularly wrong, provided the verbs of the final sentences comply with rules about agreement between subject and verb.


As has been noted, this is almost certainly a typographical error. However, this could be a meaningful sentence, although not necessarily a well formulated one: "I hand my girlfriend a drink. Lord Goring bites his lip, and lights his a cigarette." The meaning would then be "Lord Goring ... lights his [girlfriend] a cigarette."


You're right in that the construction is considered clumsy in English. We can go for the avoidance strategies: repetition: my education and my brother's education using the possessive pronoun: my brother's education and mine avoiding the possessive: the education of my brother and myself

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