Topics pertaining to the use or meaning of symbols other than punctuation in written English

Symbols other than letter forms, diacritics, and numerals appear in formal and informal written English. The standard symbols which structure written language and provide cues for its pronunciation are known as punctuation and tagged as such, sometimes in conjunction with the tag for the individual symbol, such as semicolon or period (full stop).

A large array of symbols other than punctuation also appear commonly, including the following:

  • logograms, symbols which represent words or phrases, such as the ampersand (&)
  • marks that define the use of numbers. such as the percent sign (%) or currency symbols (¥ for yen)
  • list markers, such as the bullet (•)
  • reference and annotation markers, such as the asterisk (*) or pilcrow (¶)
  • symbols which represent concepts from mathematics, music, or other fields, such as the solidus (÷) or ergo (∴).
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