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My confusion is that since the verb that follows the relative pronoun must agree in number with the word that comes immediately before the relative pronoun, if "blocks" are plural, then it must use "weigh" which contradicts with "each". In your sentence, "each" is not used as a pronoun, but rather as and adverb meaning the same thing as "apiece". ...


The verb in the DEFINING clause should agree with the noun it is modifying (i.e. blocks). I would use "weighed", anyway.


Let's quote the advice in its entirety rather than a snippet. Inverted word-order in non-questions: After negative elements The same inverted word-order as that found in yes/no questions is also used in clauses introduced by a negative or restrictive clause element. In the following example, the initial element Not only is negative and is ...


You would say "Doing A rather than doing be" because of parallel structure because you are comparing two things. Use parallel structure: With a coordinating conjunction such as and, but, or, nor, yet With a pair of correlative conjunctions such as either . . . or or not only . . . but also With a word introducing a comparison, usually than or as ...

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