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A region of a city requires capitalization if the direction word is part of its name, so the West End of London, North and South Philadelphia, and East New York all take capitals because they are official names of neighborhoods. New York also has the East Side and the West Side, which are recognized formal names, but there might be another city where "the ...


Authorities at Oxford and Webster do not control or shape the English Language, they only define it. In reality, the collective mind of every English speaker shapes the language. And because some words have gained popularity in some groups and not others, the language has spread out into many dialects. If you've ever read Mark Twain, you might have found his ...


It is a word in spoken language and used in private letter-writing, but has not yet reached the level of recognition as standard language just as words like gonna, or "of" for have and others. One more generation and it is in dictionaries with a note about usage and in two generations it will be a normal variant.


'Kinda' is not a word in the English language. It is a contraction of the words 'kind of' and is most definitely considered slang.

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