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The word performant is engineering jargon for something that may not be objectively efficient or optimal/fast but meets the performance expectations for which it was created. When an engineer uses the word performant, they mean that it's as fast and efficient as you would intuitively expect it to be. It's not meant to declare that it's the optimal or best ...


It is not a common term, but it is used: Integratable: that can be integrated Source: www.encyclo.co.uk Ngam: integratable Ngram: integrable vs integratable. Integratable is not the same as integrated. For the well-served parts of the market, they aren’t looking for things that are integratable; they are looking for things that are ...


The word you are looking to use isn't integratable, but integrable. in·te·gra·ble -capable of being integrated (Cited from Merriam-Webster dictionary)


No, there was never an alternative spelling of "no one" with a diaresis. Searching Google books, there are no hits for noöne that are pre-2000 and in English. There are three hits since then, one of them explaining that people used to spell "no one" with a diaresis.


Whenever you find a computer spell-checking program does not know how to spell something, your best first assumption is that the program is an idiot. You will usually be right this way. Including in this case: Wiktionary lists noöne as an “obsolete” spelling of no one. Did people use it? Yes. Do people use it? Yes, again! Morover, a simple Google ...


It is interesting that spell check can proscribe spelling. It's something that I've found a bit disturbing in fact. However, to the point, the voiced th as someone has already pointed out is typically written in English as ...the. Although different spellings were acceptable, and could even appear in the same journal entry or tract, the different ...

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