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It depends on the tone, as this can change the meaning of almost anything, any word or expression and certainly "tell me" and "talk to me" change very quickly when playing around with the tone. I`d love to see a study in "use", but my suspicion is that "tell me" is most often used to precede a question with a moderate tone, and "talk to me" is most often ...


Talk refers to the act of interpersonal communication through speaking. So if you say: Talk to me! This would imply that the person is not speaking or communicating with you to you ( - otherwise you would not need to say it!). Tell me! on the other hand, means tell me the information. With the verb tell, the person you are telling is the indirect ...


If a person is being uncommunicative, sulky, for example, one might say to him or her: Talk to me! If a person has some news that interests you, which you are eager to know, you might say: Tell me!


The two might seem the same, but there is a slight difference in context. In the context of literature, talking can take a long time, and telling most of the time means telling something quickly as information Telling information Talking about a subject So when it is included in a discussion, talk to me means let's take our time and talk about ...

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