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You can say that somebody has a six pack. informal - A man’s set of visibly well-developed abdominal muscles. Or perhaps even an eight pack. You can also say that someone has washboard abs or a washboard stomach, although commentators on this answer suggest that this is used more in fitness circles to describe a flatter, less "ripped" set of abs than ...


It appears to come from a dialectal variation of the verb to lie: to idle or lie about: Ligger: ‘Hangers on’ such as ‘music groupies’ for LIGGERS is an example of what it can mean, but it’s not the whole story. The Oxford English Dictionary provided the following: LIGGER noun [from verb ‘lig,’ + ‘-er’]: One who gatecrashes parties, a ‘...


To supplement Josh61's answer, here (in chronological order) are four discussions not mentioned in the body of his answer. From Jonathon Green, The Dictionary of Contemporary Slang (1984): ligger n. a hanger on; spec. in entertainment industry: a freeloader (qv). fr. least important guest (?) or linger: hang around N[ew] M[usical] E[xpress]. From Paule ...


Try ripped abs MW having high muscle definition


It's not a phrase and any instance you find is likely an error. The ngram viewer finds no instances, for example.


Crazy literally means "mentally deranged," but in the slang sense it implies some combination of intensity, chaos, confusion and unbelievability --a level of sensory overload that could drive one crazy, or make you feel as if you were already mentally deranged. Used as a modifier, it adds its own connotations to the adjective modified. Crazy busy means ...


The expression to have someone's guts for garters is very old, from a time when it might well have been derived from a literal usage. But there is no clear evidence about it as suggested by the Phrae Finder. Probably, as suggested by World Wide Words, the use of alliteration and the use of similar phrases helped the saying become more popular in recent ...


You could also say: shredded abs. shredded — ODO 2 informal Having well-defined or well-developed muscles; muscular Example: a step-by-step plan that will help you achieve shredded abs in as little as 76 workouts


In my experience as a US Marine, it was only used to refer to haircuts. It's a movie. Avatar, no less. And that dude ain't no REAL Marine. After 20 years out of the service, I could be wrong, but in that movie, the writer just didn't freakin know he was using the term wrong, and no one wants to tell Jamers Cameron he's wrong.

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