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I don't think you'll improve on handedness (wikipedia) (reference.com). It's not a very nice word admittedly, and sounds a bit like what you started with, but there aren't any synonyms listed in this sense.


Merriam-Webster gives prolific: 1 : producing young or fruit especially freely : fruitful The source is Latin proles meaning "offspring".


Given the laws of physics, massive would seem to fit the bill.


fecund: producing or able to produce many babies, young animals, or plants - Merriam-Webster


harrumph /həˈrʌmf/ verb; gerund or present participle: harrumphing clear the throat noisily grumpily express dissatisfaction or disapproval. "skeptics tend to harrumph at case histories like this" He harrumphed and said, ‘I am deeply obliged’. (from Google)


Handedness is the most common and most understandable term. But I'm going for my pedant merit badge, so I'm going to draw upon and explain the other suggestions. @DanBron suggests the technical term Chirality: The word chirality is derived from the Greek, χειρ (kheir), "hand", a familiar chiral object. An object or a system is chiral if it is ...


Combing (as a synonym for searching, not adjusting your hair with a utensil) The police and dog spent the whole night combing the area comb verb [T] (SEARCH) › to search a place or an area very carefully in order to find something: The police combed the whole area for evidence. Cambridge Weird coincidence: Charlie Hebdo attack: ...


Your question seems not to be about a general family situation but about the technical situation with data structures in computer science. In the latter case, a binary tree is for internal nodes with two children, ternary for three. The generalization is then multiary for many children. Other, similar ways of saying this are _n- ary (for an arbitrary ...


This is known as seeing someone to < somewhere > The host saw his guest to the door His friend saw him to the airport. to see out : 1. To escort some visitor to an exit. The butler saw out the visitors. Will you please see Dr. Smith out? 1 If the seeing out was exceptional you can add in all the way to: He saw his friend all the way ...


Given what OP has described in the comments, I think branching node would be ideal. We're referring to a node which has branches. We could modify it to highly branching node to clarify we're specifically talking about nodes with a lot of branches.


Might not be quite correct but as a fellow programmer I would say Abundant Richly supplied; wealthy; possessing in great quantity. - From Wikipedia


Concerned: feeling or showing worry or solicitude. The Free Dictionary


Nothing wrong with "searching" but if you want another word, I suggest "scouring". "The police and dogs spent the whole night scouring the area" sounds perfect. scour (verb) "to look through (as a place) carefully or thoroughly in an effort to find or discover something." "The police scoured the city for the Typhoid Mary of this latest ...


Since the main feature seems to be that a template can't be modified or changed, here are some synonyms for unchangeable fixed predetermined and not able to be changed which suggested another one predetermined established or decided in advance speaking of which... preset (or pre-set according to MS Word) set or adjust (something) in ...


see someone off Accompany a person who is leaving to their point of departure: they came to the station to see him off [OD]


What do you think about anxious - worried and tense because of possible misfortune, danger, etc; uneasy.


In medicine, the adjective multiparous is used to describe a woman who has had more than one child. It is also used in biology to describe species that normally give birth to multiple offspring at once (like a litter of puppies).


Given that the structure you're trying to describe is a data tree, it would make sense to use a tree metaphor. You might try Burgeoning burgeoning begin[ning] to grow, as a bud; put[ting] forth buds, shoots, etc., as a plant Because the tree is specifically a data tree, Polyadic would also work. polyad A group consisting of an indeterminate ...


From time to time I encounter democratization (Oxford, see def. 2) as a term expressing the spread (the increase of accessibility) of something from a smaller group to a larger one. See related examples below: Democratization of knowledge (Wikipedia) Democratization of technology (Wikipedia) The Democratization Of Data (forbes.com) Democratization of ...


A tree is a special kind of graph, so I'd go with the standard terminology for a graph, which is saying that your node has a high (or large) degree. You lose the parent/child metaphor, but I think your readers will understand you better.


Given that the projects you're talking about don't sound significantly like either document templates or configuration to me, I'd probably use built-in: A sample must be associated with a project. The built-in projects X, Y and Z cannot be altered, but you may also create other projects of your own. In this context, I don't like preset, because that ...


Master: the man in authority, such as the head of a household, the employer of servants, or the owner of slaves oR animals. Concubine: a woman who cohabits with a man to whom she is not married, esp. one regarded as socially or sexually subservient; mistress. From The Designation of the Individual: Expressive Usage in Biblical ...


Democratization "The action of making something accessible to everyone." http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/democratization


It is part of Dunning-Kruger effect. ... highly skilled individuals tend to underestimate their relative competence, erroneously assuming that tasks which are easy for them are also easy for others. [Wikipedia]


I suggest laterality. I think this works, it's less obscure than chirality; and readers should find the term, laterality, self-explanatory if used in the proper context. noun; 1640-1650 the use of one hand in preference to the other. Compare handedness. laterality in Medicine laterality lat·er·al·i·ty (lāt'ə-rāl'ĭ-tē) n. ...


My first thought was that it could be sublunary, which Oxford Dictionaries Online defines as: Belonging to this world as contrasted with a better or more spiritual one That seems to be more or less exactly the meaning you are going for, and searching through the Gutenberg Project online version (with thanks to Andrew Leach’s comment to the question) ...


The friends went on a walk with a spring in their step. spring in one's step (idiomatic) enthusiasm, energy or a positive outlook or cheerful attitude.


Escort is actually an appropriate word for this. According to Wiktionary, escort as a verb means: (emphasis mine) To attend to in order to guard and protect; to accompany as a safeguard; to give honorable or ceremonious attendance to You could also use accompany.


I cannot quite tell why you want to know this, but I strongly advise rewording. You seem to think everybody is one thing or the other, while in fact this has no basis in biology; most people’s handedness exists on a continuum, just as they do with so many other factors, including footedness and eyedness and a whole lot more. Although I am not one of them, I ...


A term generally used in economics to denote the degree of availability of something to consumers is accessibility: Extent to which a consumer or user can obtain a good or service at the time it is needed. (www.businessdictionary.com) Something accessible is something: easily obtained: accessible money. In the example you are ...

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