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Understated encouragement, equivalent to "you could hardly do better than". Indeed, reviewing LB's now somewhat classic oeuvre would be a most profitable study -- for all sorts of reasons, particularly if the person advised wished to know more about stand-up comedy.


It means "there are many things you could do that would be less useful than to review some of Lenny Bruce's material". You'd need the context to know exactly what's intended, but it generally is more of the latter (compliment) than the former (suggestion): you don't literally need to review the material, but there are worse things that you could do (i.e. ...


I researched this a bit more and I came to the conclusion that I guess there isn't a specific name for this sort of technique. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter if you do not specifically name the technique (you won't get marked down in an essay) Although a polyptoton is similar to the technique, a polyptoton is more to do with the repetition ...

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