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From the Appendix to 1984: It would have been possible, for example, to say BIG BROTHER IS UNGOOD. But this statement, which to an orthodox ear merely conveyed a self-evident absurdity, could not have been sustained by reasoned argument, because the necessary words were not available. I think self-evident absurdity is the term you are looking ...


I think this is what Kenneth Burke called Identification. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Burke#Persuasions_and_influences


polarization noun a sharp division, as of a population or group, into opposing factions. dictionary.reference.com Polarization is a strategy used in ideological discourse. See Wikipedia articles on social identity theory and Ingroups and outgroups. The polarized (Us vs. Them) structures of ideological discourse typically use ...


In logic, this is called a False Dichotomy, and is considered a fallacy. The classic example is "you are either for us, or against us". This phrase has been used by US presidents and Sith Lords. Neutrality is not an option to the speaker who uses this false dichotomy.


wedge issue This is a strategy in politics that forces people to take one side or the other. You can't sit on a wedge (unlike a fence). I am not sure if this is exactly what you are after. Maybe: Creating a divide Or Divisive politics

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