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There are many visual word dictionaries popping up on the internet. You may consider using visuwords.com or wordnet.princeton.edu . Others include the Word Association Network and SnappyWords. Mileage may vary. Just try popping onto a search engine of your choice and entering "visual dictionary."


An good example of perhaps overzealous pedantry. The possessive is very common for attributing discovery. I think you'll find very few references to Newton Second Law of Motion, or Halley Comet.


EL&U member 'Hot Lick's' commented, "Alzheimer's disease" (using the possessive) appears to be the most common spelling... This is correct, for the reasons 'Hot Lick's' cited, and as evidenced in this Google Ngram (case insensitive): The possessive sense seems to be true of other eponymous diseases: However, Wikipedia reports that there are ...


The latter is correct. The former is colloquial. Even though it should be the other way around. The disease derives its name from Alois Alzheimer, a Bavarian psychiatrist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alois_Alzheimer

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