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Yes, it means the same thing with or without 'but.' Here, 'but' approximately means 'only.'


What I am doing wrong is not a direct question, it is a statement or an indirect question like: Feel free to correct what I am doing wrong. I want to find out what I am doing wrong. Whereas What am I doing wrong? is a direct question. In direct questions the auxiliary verb am should become before the subject I.


Headline writing and editing is a special craft within the English language writing racket (field, work, vocation, activity). The phrasing is unique to headline writing, and the examples you cite are correct (first examples). News readers on radio and television (and the web) have another dialect of English in which many things that have clearly already ...


From the Urban Dictionary A lively, or interesting or annoying or peculiar or uncontrollable etc etc person In the clip, it seems to be referring to the lively patient of the dentist. Wiktionary says that the phrase probably comes from fishing; if a fisherman has hooked a fish that's putting up a battle, they'll refer to it as a live one. This makes ...


Since the OP asked for alternatives to: "I was wondering if you can give me your office hours?" Some more concise alternatives which provide similar deferential/polite context are: "Would you mind giving me your office hours?" "Could you tell your office hours please?" "Do you mind giving me your office hours?" "I'd love to get your office hours"

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