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Well, when X met Y has become the standart scheme for romantic novels/films. Though if you really want to read something out of it intrinsic to the case of Harry and Sally you could maybe see X and Y as 2 different graphs (keep in mind; these letters are normally used for koordinates and not graphs within math). 2 graphs that are in no way equal to another ...


Nope, think not. It's just the type of film title that's derived from a plot precis and has now become familiar through repetition.


It's a REBUS PUZZLE. Compare: HEAD ---- HEELS "Head over heels". R R O A D A D "crossroads" Man Board "man overboard" ARREST YOU'RE "you're under arrest" ONCE 6PM ??? won I ............................................ I der ???


a pun, Yes, because it is literally "bang, out of order" (mention, rather than use of the word bang, in the wrong order) and he is claiming it is "bang out of order" (expression of disapproval), so there are two meanings applied to the one phrase, providing humour. an anagram, No, because the result isn't another word. If it was an anagram then ...

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