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According to this page, the word was created as part of a competition by The Washinton Post, where people were asked to alter a word by changing only one letter from an already existing word or phrase. Looking through the comments, however, I found Narcholeptic given as a (possible) source. The comment also said that the rules have changed, so probably the ...


It looks just like a portemanteau of: arachno[phobia] (spider) and [epi]-leptic (falling). I would guess the idea being that one behaves as one would during an epileptic episode, but now cause by a spider(web) - or probably, because of the fear of spiders that the web invokes.


Most of the time, in my opinion, if one goes to the extent of pointing it out by saying 'no pun intended,' it was intended, and the reason they are pointing it out is so the other party 'gets' it, because in many cases, the other party doesn't 'get' it unless one points it out, since it is a double entendre. In writing, I write, 'pun intended.' When ...


It is a type of rebus. The rebus principle is defined as using existing symbols, such as pictograms, purely for their sounds regardless of their meaning, to represent new words. Such symbols can include numerals or even letters, such as C U later (for see you later).

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