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Oxymoron It is a figure of speech used to denote two contradictory words in the same sentence. It can be used to create humor, sarcasm etc "seriously funny" "deafening silence" "open secret"


There's no pun in the name; rather, it's a throwback to a stereotype of 19th- and 20th-century American popular culture. When an author wanted to depict a certain type of character - generally the most important man in a small town, usually in the South - the template was to give him a ridiculous-sounding first and last name, and always to include his ...


No, I don't. Sadly,I think it is an example of what I would describe as creative isolation. (That is entirely my own expression). In the last couple of decades popular culture seems to have less and less to do with the actual world. When Chaucer told his tales, Shakespeare wrote his plays, and Dickens composed stories, when Orwell and Huxley devised their ...

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