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The expression “look forward to,” if what you are looking forward to is to be expressed in a verb, requires the gerund, an -ing form of that verb, to be the object of the preposition to—in this case helping. Since that -ing form is necessary, it might be better not to use an -ing form of the verb look as well: that is, use “We look ...


Based on English grammar, after looking forward to, you're supposed to use the verb with -ing, so all the items from that list will be crossed off except #2 and #5; that are both the same as far as I can see. So that's how you should have all those phrases in one sentence. Regarding your question about using are, the answer is yes! If the verb comes in -ing ...


Saying The key doesn't work is making a claim about the key + lock combination, viz. it's broken. In contrast, saying The key isn't working is merely commenting on the present situation, and noting one failure point. Which may not be related to the key, but to your use of it. If you're asking for a new key, the first is appropriate, though the ...


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