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In conversation, you'd probably either be more specific and long-hand, or a lot more general. If the person you're talking to needs to know the details: I've been keeping my feet up (rest and elevation), using some compression and putting some ice on it. If someone's asked how you're doing, you'd probably not even give them the acronym. Oh, you ...


There is no rule about this. Many times a short acronym takes an apostrophe: The bouncer is ID'ing people. but you're as likely to see The bouncer is IDing people. Your example is a bit different, and personally I'd go with I'm just RICEing it. In this case, the "E" has an actual meaning and should, IMO, be kept. "RICing" could be construed ...


Since you can't actually do all four at once, i'd say I'm elevating it or compressing it, etc. I'm treating it using the rice technique

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