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If you want to be very precise, then "by" is better because the sentence is passive voice and traditionally "by" is the preposition used to indicate the agent of a passive voice sentence. If you use "with" then the sentence is, technically speaking, turned into "middle voice". Compare the feel of "The meat was cut by the knife" to "The meat was cut with the ...


Both options are ambiguous, but 'with' is the better choice. String 'x' is replaced with 'y', by the computer, using the algorithm. 'By' can refer to the 'agent' of a passive clause. 'With' can refer to an 'instrument' (tool), but 'using' is stronger. FYI, note the ambiguity here: (because robots can be agents, patients or instruments) Robot A was ...


In contexts like these, use "a". Even if the hearer is familiar with the particular app, they don't know that that is the subject of the conversation until you introduce it. The only time you might use "the" here is if a collection of which the app is a part has already been introduced in the conversation; eg My boss let me choose which parts of our ...


I think in light of isn't as far off as you fear. But i agree that from the perspective of or informed by or through the lens of all work.

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