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There has to be some insertion going on. In your first example, the catheter might be being inserted into the patient. If so then it's correct (albeit a bit misleading). If not then it's wrong. In Marius Hancu's examples the mark is being inserted into the text/page. In your second example the bottles are inserted into the box not the other way round. I ...


I would instead prefer 'one more day without proper sleep' If we still had to choose between the two phrases mentioned in the question, I'd select the second one, i.e. 'One more day without sleeping properly'. This is because here you confirm a process in action not properly done. The first one, i.e. 'One more day without sleep properly' is grammatically ...


The idiom is take a bite out of something To reduce something Work is taking a bite out of his free time. Usage notes: often used about money. Rising energy costs would take a bite out of people's wallets. (TFD)


The idiom I know would be "Take a bite out of life."

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