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"Who knows?" is the simplest form. I hear it (and use it) regularly.


How about "It's anyone's guess"?


This one involves swearing, but there is an extremely common way to express that phrase: "Fuck only knows"


If you are from 1950s England, you could say goodness only knows.


A secular phrase to the idiom "God only knows" It's impossible to say. - "God only knows how he managed to find out where I lived." http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/american-english/god-only-knows Another choice woule be "Nobody knows and neither do I". - "God only knows where I've left my keys".


"I'm chief cook and bottle washer" meaning: I do everything from A-Z; one man show; especially self employed. Chief cook is the top job in a kitchen; bottle washing is endless, mindless work that anyone can do. If you're doing both, it implies you're also doing everything in between. can also be used sarcastically: "He's chief cook and bottle washer ...

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