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The best answers are given by dictionaries. The two expression don't mean the same. Longman's Dictionary of Contemporary English says: to sober down - meaning to become more serious in behaviour or attitude. to sober up - meaning gradually to become less drunk. http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/sober_2


Yes, sometimes they are interchangeable, but in most cases they are not. They are different as to their subject. Back up is usually used of a person, but could be used of the story, testimony, evidence presented by the person. Bear out is almost always used of the evidence, testimony etc, not of the person presenting it. (but see * below) So only back ...


"Cross-referenced against" basically means a kind of linkage from one part of the document to the other part of the document. Just like you may find a 'See Also' link in between of a document linking to some document. OR You can find links like 'For Details Read Para/Chapter/..' in a document/book referencing to some other section of the same document/book. ...


All the answers put forth here are not convincing.Mine too is not authentic one. "Made of" is used to refer to anything that is/are not man made. Example:"Water is made of Oxygen and Hydrogen.Whereas "The table is made up of wood and steel."


Lyrics are poetry, and in poetry, the usual rules of English usage do not always apply. So, you are correct, in ordinary usage, the phrase would generally be "YOLO stands for You otta look out". In most of the lyric, YOLO is used as a stand in for "You only live once"; the line you cite is an alternative interpretation of the acronym, and is written so as to ...


Went out must come from when lights were candle or gas lighten - this the lights would go out as they couldn't exactly be turned off. A candle needs to be 'put out' manually or would 'go out' by itself. Term still applies today with things like power cuts or timed lighting.

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