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For standard speakers of English (AmE, BrE, AusE), there are 2 syllables /'say ens/ with an accent on the first syllable which rhymes by itself with the pronoun 'I'. For some varieties of English, for example Southern AmE, there is 1 syllable /sans/ because they tend to 'monophthongize' the /ay/ in the first syllable (turn a double vowel or ...


It has two: sci-ence. Try clapping your hands while pronouncing the word, try multiply times and pick the one that sounds best!


Science has 1 strong and 1 weak syllable. They together result in its rhythm. The strong (— ) syllable: long & stressed , Weak (·) syllable: short. E.g. — · Science ( SAI-ens), — · table


TL;DR: Science has two syllables compared with just one in signs, but phonologic factors like fast-speech rules and characteristics of Southeast Asian languages might make them sound alike you. When you ask “how many syllables” a word has, especially one like science, you open up an extremely broad question whose complete treatment is probably beyond the ...

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