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I'm not sure you're going to find an authoritative answer for this question. And I'd assume that it boils down to a matter of style (preference) rather than constraints. You could use bullet points, but perhaps you'd prefer a more flowing style. Personally. I'd choose your first version, with an 'or' after the second semicolon. I prefer the ...


The Chicago Manual of Style, fifteenth edition (2003) offers this reasonably straightforward style advice under the general category "Parentheses": 6.103 With other punctuation. ... A question mark, an exclamation point, and closing quotation marks precede a closing parenthesis if they belong to the parenthetical matter; they follow it if they belong to ...


As a disclaimer, I have only personal experience by which to answer this question. That said, the second sentence is definitely incorrect - parentheses must either enclose an entire sentence (punctuation included) or else part of a sentence with the ending punctuation excluded. The first sentence is correct, but I think it would have been better written as ...


I would write it: "I left the oven on. Rats", he said. "Rats! I left the oven on," he said. Or as @Erik Kowal suggested: "I left the oven on. Rats!" He said.


You would place a comma after the interruption if the first quotation was not a complete sentence, but dialogue doesn't have to use complete sentences. Using the period in sentence 1 amounts to deciding not to use complete sentences within the dialogue.

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