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Consistency is the important thing. After that it is a matter of choice. All full stops or no full stops at all, even after full sentences. Eli Sluszny


You've had dawn suggested above but predawn is closer. The beginning of the predawn period isn't well defined so may seem later than you want, but I don't see that it could be taken to be before midnight. The end is (from the definition of dawn) strictly first light rather than sunrise, but dawn is used rather vaguely. If you want a strictly demarcated ...


If you are up during this period, it is called "staying up {at/till} all hours of the night" If you are asleep, it doesn't matter.


You can consider postmidnight. It is used as an adjective, so you would say postmidnight hours or postmidnight period. After midnight, but generally before dawn [Wiktionary] Examples: On tests using flight simulators, pilots make more and larger errors when flying during the postmidnight hours. Flying Magazine Feb 1984 I started out ...


No, there should not be a full stop. Usually a greeting would be succeeded by a comma like so: Good afternoon Joel, -insert message here- Thank you, Sasha

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